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Obsolus / Sep 17, 2013
Uh-oh! After an unexpected Iron Juggernaut e-z mode kill we had to take desperate measures and take a 10 minute break to revise tactics for this boss as no one really planned to make it this far. 10 minutes later we cleared a LOT of trash, got some epic dps plate gloves for Cannibal and killed the boss on our third attempt, our first ending at 4%.

This raid is disappointingly easy.
Obsolus / Sep 17, 2013
Wow... this boss was just ridiculously easy. Second to Immerseus I'd say and equalling the Fallen Protectors, having killed it on our second try. Our first try we had it to around 30% as we got a feel for the fight. I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

All in all, good job guys.
Obsolus / Sep 17, 2013
This boss was easily the hardest out of the first 7 in the raid. We spent a good 1 hour 30 mins progression on this boss ending last night without a kill, however we made a just come back this evening and 3-shot it. The last phase was the only hard thing about the fight being VERY healing intensive. What appeared to be a bug prevented both myself and Lucreciae, the other tank, from getting fire stacks. This made things a little easier.

We also got an achievement for preventing any friendly NPC from dying. Good job folks.
Obsolus / Sep 17, 2013
This is a late one. We actually killed this boss last night. Very easy boss, I think most people had done Sha on Flexi by this point so we didn't waste much time on it. All in all a fun fight and our only issue was that DBM was slightly buggy. Other than that, 2/3 shot. Can't remember.
Obsolus / Aug 27, 2013
It's been a while since we've made progression, but it's nice to have a full team back again after a long, tearful summer for raiding. I'd like to formerly welcome the two newest members of the team after passing their trials tonight; George & Bjorn (Can't do the "o" thing) otherwise known as Foarfeca and Rifter. Good to have you both aboard.

With our new team, and our new achievements, I really feel like Siege of Orgrimmar will be our time to shine!