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Obsolus / Oct 22, 2013
Finally! Away with you, Hellscream! Make way for our HEROIC progression! Really nice fight but unfortunately the only challenging one of the instance in normal mode. Galakras, Paragons and Thok at their gear levels are more of a challenge but still under the 10-15 wipes barrier. Hellscream was around 50 but different for a few of us as there were a couple of absences on some progress nights as well as a couple of us including me who tried him in pugs previous to progression.


Normal mode completion time: 5 weeks.
Obsolus / Oct 08, 2013
Pretty easy boss, well done guys. We had a short look at Blackfuse last week for about 4-5 attempts, and after a quick kill on Thok we killed Blackfuse in an hour. Raid damage cause most of the wipes, which was something we had to master. Once we tried a new tactic thought up of by yours truly, we killed him.
Paragons next!
Obsolus / Sep 25, 2013
Well there you have it, folks! A smashing 10/14 in the second week, up from a 7/14 last week! Will we be able to make Garrosh next week?! Unfortunately, I was not present for this kill as I had to work late. So a MASSIVE well done to the whole team for earning the kill without me. Just goes to show that a real team can soldier on even without it's leader! Good job!
Obsolus / Sep 23, 2013
Second new kill of the night, well done guys. After 1-2 wipes to get used to the sequencing of the mechanics, this fight became incredibly easy. We wiped a third time due to a mistake in soaking one of the pools, but we killed him after that.

9/14, good job guys. Currently ranked 48 on Silvermoon.