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The Priest

Dear fellas,Have to say I am slightly disappointed by the fact you're passing on the priest (a former raidleader for a recruit hunter specific class). I am putting aside the personal matter in this, yeah he's a good dude but this is still a game :...
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Percyval5455Small Percyval 4y

Filling up the guild bank for 5.2

I was thinking, wouldn't it be great when you got an upgrade in a raid that you could gem it and enchant it instantly, and maybe reforge. Wouldn't it be great if the guild bank had a supply of gems and enchants for people to buy from. Skipping t...
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Suppression101233Small Obsolus 5y
Bodomi2644Small Lucreciae 5y

List of wonderful/not-so-wonderful suggestions

I'll store them here for future reference [because I'll probably forget them by then]¬ Guild bank repair access for raiders on raiding nights.¬ Cauldrons and raid-wide food buffs. Guild bank could distribute them, but each raider from each raid t...
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