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#8363213 Aug 29, 2013 at 07:33 AM
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Hey guys,

Lets discuss tips for this boss :)

Healing CD's needs to be sorted - Ill make a macro for it.

Kasinge can cast Hand of Protection on Alkosh so Alkosh can use tranq during a stomp
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#8363955 Aug 29, 2013 at 12:23 PM
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Shield Barrier doesn't add to the crystal, but my Enraged Regeneration and my Victory Rush procs do. So I'm not using Shield Barrier from now on unless its directly before a Quake stomp and I feel that my crystal -MIGHT- drop off.

Icy-Veins wasn't much help besides recommending a glyph that I had pre-HoF progression that I took off due to people QQ'ing about lack of magic dispells on Wind Lord and replace it with a glyph that allows my Shield Slam to dispel magic effects. All in all, the one I had before [and the one Icy Veins suggested for Tortos] is better overall. Its partially my fault for slacking about it and not re-glyphing into it ages ago, but the problem on some fights is actually REACHING the rage cap - I get to 60 and then use my rage for a lot of progression fights.
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#8364081 Aug 29, 2013 at 01:10 PM
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Other than Rich's shield dilemma, tanking seems perfect. I never have any issues picking up bats, especially with Bear's misdirect which he does every time without fail (Thank you!).

My remorseless winter is off CD to tick for every other pack of bats, so perhaps me and cannibal should organise a rotation for that so they get hit with one every time rather than getting hit by two at the same time, which leaves the next pack without stuns.

When a new set of turtles come out, I always throw down my DnD for slows, hit one with an Icy Touch and Blood boil to slow further as well as help out meleeing the turtles without putting myself at risk of throw damage. It's much faster to kill them when I help, and it also puts me in a good central position to catch the bats in time.

Kicking seems like it needs improvement. I think the timers/speed of the turtle being kicked has thrown us off a bit and needs getting used to. Perhaps it is too much of a handful for Warlokje to do it alone, perhaps we should reconsider changing the kicker to someone more mobile like Rifter. I can't help but feel Warlokje seems uncomfortable doing the kicking, which is fine to admit - it's a hard job.

As for overall damage taken from avoidable sources (Whirling turtles, rockfall) I can't really comment on, I've not looked into it. So this is a question for my healers: How is the damage taken? Are people taking unnecessary damage? Or is it satisfactory?
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#8364400 Aug 29, 2013 at 02:38 PM
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Excellent ideas Obsolus.

When I tried tanking this bitch on my tank-alt, what I did was put Outbreak on Tortos, and used Blood boil with the Rolling Blood and Chillblains talent every time the turtles came. That way the dps should usually have dps'd it down before it wears off.

That way you can save your D&D for the bats to aggro and keep them at distance until you are at the melee's spot + you can choose to use Gorefiends grasp if its needed to pull all adds. The choose of GG vs RW is a personal preference thou.

Overall damage felt high - reaaally high. I'm not sure if its due to people taking stupid dmg, or if that's just how it is. I don't think Suppression log'd the fight. I did check the tank-dmg taken thou, and that seemed quite alright.

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#8364754 Aug 29, 2013 at 04:11 PM
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I think you healers are fine. Tanks are fine once we have covered Richard's issues.

I don't have any issues myself. Ob is quick on the bats and we get them down on time. I am normally at high health. I also have an extra paladin shield which comes in handy, which I can use along with Tranq rather than giving me Hand of Protection.

Where we are falling is the kicking and several DPS making slips up. Mostly the slip ups we haven't died from the breath ridiculously loads. We have made it to about 60% keeping up our rotation, but DPS put pressure on healers by this point.

All of the ranged and Cannibal (Except Bear) seemed to be picking up the shields to early. At like 50% or so.

What I found easy to counter that problem was just standing near a crystal when a stomp went off, so I could quickly re-apply it. However an issue is created there if people lose theirs randomly the healers will have to get it up quickly again, if not they are likely to lose it. Anytime someone's shield is off, they should use defensives.

I think I said this a lot on most fights, DPS need to get used to using their defensives for the maximum amount of time as possible. It needs to be part of the rotation and we will approach any new boss easily. We need to be using everything we got 100% of the time, all new fights.
#8365592 Aug 29, 2013 at 07:24 PM
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ive killed it a cuple of times before on hc already but we used a monk tank to kite the bats and we used ranged on wirling turtels and melee on boss. it worked realy well, and we can also do the same if obs go frost and use Howling blast whit that glyph or what ever it is that makes ur Frost fever give mobs slow speed. we did use our tank dk for that aswell once whene monk wasent there. it was just as good. if u have my MD aswell there will be no chance of the bats going away eather killing other ppl.

this makes it so there will be allot more dead turtels and allot less of them spining around all the time knocking you up in the air loosing cast time and taking unesasery dmg. it shudent take to long to learn how to kite it eather and its allot easyer on the healers, not having to heal you at all from melee dmg. this is just somthing id want us to try out if we are gona do it on hc again.
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