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What is it? - The Guild Lottery is an event where everyone who participates has an equal chance to win a lot of gold.

Why are we doing this?
- Besides from it being fun and that some of us are bored? - It helps keep the guild to socialise with each other, even if only a little bit. Its summer-time right now [at the time of posting this] and its usually only the same 3-4 faces in the guild that regularly socalise. :< [not that they're bad company!!!] :>

How does it work?
- The game starts with a fixed amount of gold in a pot [500g, for this example.] Bob, Greg and Terry all want a chance to win that sweet, sweet pot o' gold [the kind that the Leprauchauns hide at the end of the rainbow.] Bob, Greg and Terry all buy a ticket each for a set price [100 gold a ticket, just for this example.] There is now a combined total of 800 gold in the pot to be won. They wait until the fixed time/date when the winner is announced and the lottery is played out. Bob's ticket # is 1, Greg's ticket # is 2 and Terry's ticket # is 3. The lottery generates a random number between 1 and 3. Its pretty self explanitory after that - 'nuff said.

When is it?
- Every Saturday, and the winner will be announced on this page and will be sent their prize via in-game mail.

Will there be a guranteed winner every week? - Yes. Without fail. Everyone has an equal chance, and, to further maintain that basis of an equal chance for one and all: each player may only buy -ONE- ticket per week! Additionally, the winner will be announced on this page every week.

How much is it to play? - As it stands, it is 250g per ticket.

How much gold is in the pot to start? - 1k.

Aaaand how do you intend to detemine the winner...? Are you just going to "/roll" and then tell us who won? Not that I DIS-trust you... but you know... it seems a bit dodgy/arbitrary. - winner determinates will be made by An add-on designed for guild lotteries. Screenshots of the roll/calculation will be made available, should anyone request them. Though I should point out that anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not going to steal a few thousand gold every week when I [usually] make that in an hour at my Tiller farm with all of my alts.

So in a simplified step-by-step process... what do I have to do? -
1.) Mail the ticket money to Lucreciae.
2.) Wait until the winner is announced [Saturday.]
3.) Repeat the process for the next week's lottery.
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