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Hi folks. So today I spent a considerable amount of hours farming these Zandalari Warbringers in an attempt to obtain one of these bad boys toward my 100 mounts achiev:

Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn
Reins of the Amber Primordial Direhorn
Reins of the Jade Primordial Direhorn

Firstly, in case you're unaware, I'd just like to go into detail about these rares and why they're so worth farming.

Spawn Locations
There are five spawn locations of these rares, and it is possible to have all five up at one time. They are located around Pandaria's coastlines. Here are the co-ordinates:

The Jade Forest (52, 17)
Townlong Steppes (36, 88)
Krasarang Wilds (39, 66)
Kun-Lai Summit (75, 62)
Dread Wastes (47, 60)

At these spawn locations, an armored pterrorwing will spawn to mark the location of it's master. If you see one of these blue birdies you're in the right place. They are elite mobs with around 1mil HP but drop nothing of interest.

Zandalari Warbringers are easy to spot, they're riding on the backs of their fabled Direhorn mounts. The mount they're riding on has a chance of dropping, around 5%. Do not confuse yourself with them with the Zandalari WarSCOUTS, as these spawn in the same 5 locations however they're not mounted.

Zandalai Warscouts drop the same loot as the Warbringers, howere in fewer amounts. They also do not drop the mount.

Spawn Timers
The Warbringers have a spawn time of around 40-60 minutes. When you kill one or watch one get killed, note down the time of death, add 40 minutes and return to that spot at that time and you won't be waiting for longer than 10 minutes.

The Warbringers & Warscouts drop the following item(s):
Around 22 gold (Warbringers)
Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies (Almost 100% from both)
Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies (Around 30% from Warbringers)
Stolen Golden Lotus Insignia (From both, more from Warbringers)
Stolen Celestial Insignia (From both, more from Warbringers)
Stolen Klaxxi Insignia (From both, more from Warbringers)
Stolen Shado-Pan Insignia (From both, more from Warbringers)

The bags contain lots of ores, leathers and enchanting mats. And when I say "lots", I mean LOTS. (Got 53 Dust, 3 Essences and 1 Sha Crystal from one bag)

How To Solo
The following information is based towards the Warbringers (the mounted ones), but apply to the Warscouts as well.

Warbringers: 21 Million HP
Warscouts: 4 Million HP

Warbringers melee swing for around 60k damage.

The Warbringers, when they spawn, will have 4 out of a possible 5 abilities, which are as follows:

(please note that none of the following abilities can be interrupted in any way)
Horrific Visage: Run in fear for 8 seconds
Meteor Shower: Meteors fall from the sky, dealing large fire damage on impact
Scarab Swarm: Summons some small scarabs with minimal HP to attack.
Thunder Crush: Crushes in a cone in front of the caster for massive damage.
Vengeful Spirit: Summons a slow-moving, hard hitting add that despawns after around 10-15 seconds.

As mentioned, the Warbringers will have four of the above abilities, while the Warscouts will only have 3.

For the Horrific Visage, this cannot be itnerrupted. It can, however, be mitigated. For example, a Death Knight who uses Anti-Magic Shell just before the cast will be unaffected by the fear. This ability is annoying, especially if you're already low on health. When you feel this one coming on, make sure to heal yourself up as high as possible or pop a defensive cool down just before you're feared.

Meteor Shower is one of the easier abilities to handle. The meteors do not target you specifically, instead they hit random locations in the area around you, so it is fairly easy to avoid these. You'll find, that in most cases, you can often stand still throughout the entire cast and not get hit by a single one. The blast radius is only about 2 yards.

Scarab Swarm is another easy ability. Simply AoE and they'll be dead in seconds. Don't delay, though, as they deal moderate damage.

Thunder Crush is easy, as long as you're on your toes. This ability can easily hit you for up to 260k naure damage, so if you're already low on health this could be a killing blow. Stay sharp, the cast is only around 2-3 seconds, however this is still enough time to move out of it. If you get hit, heal up as quickly as you can.

Vengeful Spirit is also another easy ability. Once the spirit has been summon, stay the hell away from it. They move incredibly slow, you can easily kite the Warbringer around 10-15 yards away from the spirit's spawn point and it will despawn before it even reaches you. This is essential, however, as they hit very, very hard, especially combined with the melee swings of the Warbringers.

Things to watch out for
These mobs are extremely hard to solo for a non-tanking class. I'd advise the use of flasks, pots and health stones if you have access to them. Stuns, snares, root and slows do NOT work, so don't even attempt it.

These mobs are also heavily camped. You may find no one around, or you may find up to five people. Be persistent, don't let this throw you off. Remember, there are FIVE spawn points, so if one is overcrowded try another one!

Watch out for Horde players. A cheeky stunt that's been pulled on me a few times is when a horde player will enable their PvP, stand ontop of the mob and wait to get hit be cleaves and AoEs, then take you out - claiming the tag for themselves.

Also, do not tank them next to a cliff if there is an eager druid waiting by, they could typhoon them off the edge. Also, tanks can taunt them out of range and they will despawn. Do not kite the adds too far away from where they spawned for that exact reason. There's nothing worse than burning down 21million HP to have it reset.

If you're having a hard time soloing, ask a friend. It is easily doable with two people, but the fights are designed and optimized for three to five players.

Achievement: Zul'Again
To earn this achievement, you'll need to kill 5 Warbringers and 10 Warscouts. Remember, the Warbringers do not move from their spawn point, however the Warscouts will stealth and go for a wander far from their spawn point.

Is it better to be feared or respected?
Well, I say, is it too much to ask for both?

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