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Tanks: Flask of the Earth
Healers: Flask of Falling Leaves / Flask of the Warm Sun
Plate-users: Flask of Winter's Bite
Agility-users: Flask of Spring Blossoms
Casters: Flask of the Warm Sun


Tanks: Mighty Rage Potion / Master Healing Potion / Potion of Mogu Power [for pre-potting ONLY!]
Healers: Master Mana Potion / Potion of Focus
Plate-users: Potion of Mogu Power
Agility-users: Virmen's Bite
Casters: Potion of the Jade Serpent


Pandaren Banquet

There are many ways of gathering any/all of these materials required. From farming Pink Turnips at your own personal Tiller ranch to simply using Herbalism to even killing Tigers in the Jade Forest at the North-East island where the Cloud Serpent dailies are.

Any/all help is appreciated. Every little helps. Yes, potions, feasts and flasks are usually dispensed for -FREE- of charge but how do you think they got there in the guild bank in the first place? Donations and guild-bank money. Please do not rely on the same 1-2 people every month for literally everything; flasks, food and potions - do your part and help out. Help us to help you.

If you need tips on how to collect any of the above materials [simply mouse-over the links to check what is needed for what] then go directly to WoWhead or ask me in-game/via Facebook.
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