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JIN'ROKH the Breaker is a one-phase encounter.

Under the assumptions that a tank does half the damage of a DPS and that the enrage timer is at 7 minutes, the DPS requirements are as follows:
•10-man with 5 DPS: 121k DPS;
•10-man with 6 DPS: 104k DPS. We will go with this option to be safe.

Here is a run down of the fight:

- Jinrokh will be pulled by the tanks and tanked near one of the four statues.
- 30 seconds after pull, the current tank with be thrown and stunned for 6 seconds.
NOTE: Any players stood by the statue where the tank lands will take damage (14 yrds).
- A small [conductive water] pool spawns. The boss will be tanked by the edge of this by the other tank who is not stunned.
- Everyone stands inside the [conductive water] (on the edge) for the buff (+40% damage & healing done / +80% nature damage taken).
- Jinrokh will cast [Focused lightning] every 15-25 seconds or so.
- [Focused Lightning] will cause an orb to fixate on a player. The orb moves faster than the player runs so it cannot be kited for ever. It also cannot be stunned, damaged or slowed.
- The [lightning orbs] should be kited to the edges of the room between statues. This is subject to change and will be discussed in-game.
- The [conductive water] will eventually grow in size and may come into contact with a lightning fissue - a stationary AoE left behind by the [orb of lightning].
- If/when the [conduction water] touches the lightning fissue, it will blow up causing moderate nature damage to all players inside the pool (bare in mind the +80% nature damage taken).
- If a [lightning orb] is kited into/over a lightning fissue, it will cause them to Implode and will wipe the raid.
- Lightning Storm will be cast every 90 seconds and last for 15 seconds, causing high raid-wide AoE damage. Healing cooldowns may be advised.
- Any active Conductive Waters now become electrified and can not longer be used for the remainder of the fight.


- Tank gets thrown and stunned. Other tank taunts boss.
- Takes boss to the conductive water.
- All players stand inside the water.
- Kite lightning orbs to designated areas.
- Do not combine lightning fissures.
- Get out of the conductive water if it is about to consume a lightning fissue.
- Leave the conductive water during and after lightning storm.
- Rinse Repeat.
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Get me the staff beforehand and I will try 121k DPS! Seems like quite a big requirement for some of our gear lets see what happens.
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