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Pet Battles

Supercharge now provides a 125% damage bonus, down from 150%, and lasts for
1 round (no cooldown change).

Prowl now lasts for 2 rounds.

Crystal Overload now lasts for 2 rounds.

Focus Chi now lasts for 1 round.

Sprite Darter Hatchling: Evanescence and Arcane Blast have swapped ability positions.

Nether Roach is now a real roach and can now survive the apocalypse.

Battle Pet Bandages now stack to 25 and are Bind to Account.

Battle-Stones now have a chance to be awarded from PvP Pet Battles.

Pets whose color schemes change each time they are summoned have returned.

Older pets with this behavior now have it back, as well as some newcomers.

Taming the World now lists its reward correctly in the Achievements pane.

Level-capped players will now have a chance to earn Lesser Charms of Good
Fortune after winning a pet battle versus a pet within 5 levels of the highest level pet on their team. Higher-level pets will offer a better chance to earn a charm.

Winning a pet battle versus a team within 5 levels of the player's highest-level pet will now award player experience.

Fleeing a pet battle will no longer despawn the pet that was being battled, but doing so will now inflict some damage on the fleeing pet battle team.

Disconnecting from a pet battle will once again respawn the pets you were fighting.

Any pet that has been killed in a pet battle will now never respawn.
A number of new pets can be found on the Isle of Lightning, including rare spawn drops, wild pets, and raid boss drops.

Elite Battle Pets have been added to the game world. These rare pets will spawn alone against an entire team. The Beasts of Fable taming quest will now become available from Gentle San or Sara Finkleswitch once Aki the Chosen has been defeated. Defeating all of the fabled beasts will award the new Red Panda pet, while completing the associated daily quest has a chance to award the rare brown, white, and orange variants.

Please note: Many of these changes have not yet come to the PTR, but will be available soon.
Assassination Rogue.
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