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Having received a recent report on the current status of the Paragon team, I would like to take the chance to speak with you all individually for reviews.

These reviews will occur once at the end of every month until I am satisfied with the progress of Paragon's team development as well as boss kills.

As for WHEN and WHERE, I'd like to do these reviews over ventrilo. It will consist of only myself and you and will last approximately 5-10 minutes per person. Trialling members will not be reviewed.

This is your opportunity to directly tell me, your guild master, about your opinions and concerns while we discuss your individual progress.

I will most likely whisper you in-game asking if you are alright to take 5 minutes aside for a quick chat, which could happen at any point over the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to PRE-BOOK a time and date for your 1-to-1 review, please contact me through private message here, on facebook or in-game mail.

Just to clarify, this IS for Paragon team members only.
If you are in my team, or a benched player, and you would also like to chat; message me. :)

EDIT: I am currently satisfied with Obsidian Team's current situation, but I may still want to speak with you all in the near future. Thanks.

EDIT 2: I will be available online tonight from around 10pm until the early hours of the morning, feel free to catch me then.
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