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Current Class Advisers:
Death Knight: Obsolus
Druid: N/A
Hunter: Obsolus
Mage: Vekuzz
Monk: N/A
Paladin: N/A
Priest: Suppression
Rogue: N/A
Shaman: N/A
Warlock: OrĂ­
Warrior: Lucreciae

What is a Class Adviser?
A Class Adviser, or CA, is someone who has played their class for a long time and knows the ins and outs of every spec of their class. They know how to maximize their DPS to the best of their ability, be efficient and reliable with their healing or know how to handle any situation as a tank.

How do I become a Class Adviser?
Firstly, you'll need to have had at least one year's worth of experience with a particular class before proposing to become a CA for that class. You'll be expected to know the basic knowledge of all three specs, which includes stat priorities, gemming, enchanting and reforging methods, rotations, gear and confidence to play. You should also know detailed information on the main spec you play which may extend out to useful macros, class-specific addons, theorycrafting, lots of experience and know hot to alter to gameplay style to suit different encounters.

If you think you cover all of the above, speak to me in-game and we'll get something sorted out.

You may also be CA for more than one class if you have the relevant experience.
Is it better to be feared or respected?
Well, I say, is it too much to ask for both?

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