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The following websites are here to help you progress as a player and assist in learning to optimize your character to it's full potential.

Ask Mr. Robot is a fantastic website that calculates stat loses on your character and provides solutions to help your character benefit from it's gear in the best way possible. This website has almost everything you need to better yourself. Used by most Inner Sanctum members.

Icy Veins provides up-to date guides for every class. These guides include; Talents, Builds, Rotations, Glyphs, Abilities, Buffs/Debuffs, Stat priority, Reforging, Gems, Enchants, Consumables, Macros, Addons and gearing BiS.

MMO-Champ provides cool and interesting WoW news updates daily, including dungeons, raids, gear and mount models, blue posts, important news, class changes etc

Raid Comp is a feature provided by MMO-Champion that allows you to see what buffs you gain and lose from having different classes in your raid. Basically, it allows you to strategically assemble a perfect raid setup. We will be using this for our raid setups in Mists.

Another feature provided by MMO-Champion; this is a talent calculator and allows you to ...well, calculate talents! You can use this to test out different builds instead of wasting gold on it!

TankSpot provides useful new updates and raiding guides.
Another website that provides up-to date and informative raid guides.

FatBoss provides really in-depth class guides and raiding guides, too.

Have you found any helpful websites that you use regularly? Post them below!

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